Peinture résidentielle

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Painting a building whether it is residential, commercial or industrial requires some care and particular attention to detail. The painter must know painting techniques and also has to choose the best products and materials that yield the best results. That is why most often it is best to deal with a professional house painter.

A professional painter has the ability to give a new look to a place. Peintech Maintenance offers comprehensive interior and exterior painting services.

Here is an overview of the contractor’s service offer:

  • Joint and plaster repair
  • Interior and exterior painting

Having expertise in both residential and commercial painting, Peintech Maintenance has the ability to participate in different types of projects.

Here are a few examples:

  • Painting of decks or balconies
  • Painting of cornices
  • Painting of stair wells
  • Painting of all interior rooms
  • Painting of cathedral ceilings
  • Painting of commercial spaces
  • Etc.

You are considering doing some painting ? Contact a member of the Peintech Maintenance team to get more information about their services.